Alan Director
Enterprises, Inc. LLC
Offering personalized mattress services to friends, former customers and the public.
• 1956 – Business further expanded by Alan Director (third generation). Store moved to SW 3rd & Yamhill. Acquired two Portland pioneer furniture companies – Powers and Edwards. When Powers and its building were acquired, that landmark building at 3rd & Yamhill was renamed The Director Building.

• 1987 – Construction of MAX light rail system prompted move from downtown to Tualatin by Alan and two of his children, Scott and Tracy (fourth generation).

• 1992 – Alan’s family sold The Director Building to Jordan Director Schnitzer. It is now a 9 story office building with small retail on the ground floor and parking underground.

• 1996 – Director’s Furniture Company is sold.

• 1996 – Scott Director and his wife Carol open their own store, Scott Director’s: a Custom Furniture Company, in Beaverton.

• 1996 – Tracy Director opens her own mattress company, also in Beaverton. Alan helps her open the business and continues to work, helping Tracy grow her business.

• 2008 – Tracy and Alan decide to close Tracy Director’s Mattresses & More. Tracy goes to work for another mattress company, and Alan forms Alan Director Enterprises, Inc. LLC to continue providing sleep comfort services to former customers and friends.

• 2009 – By popular demand because of his vast experience, Alan has started a business consulting enterprise—advising small- and medium- size businesses on all aspects of starting and continuing, as well as exit strategy planning.
1911 – Director’s Furniture Co. – started by Sam Director, Alan’s grandfather (first generation), in downtown Portland at West Park & Yamhill.

• 1932 – Business expanded by Frank Director (second generation), Alan’s father. Store moved to SW 1st Avenue between Morrison & Yamhill.
Alan Director in 1985 in front of The Director Building
Alan & Tracy Director

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