Alan Director
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There are several important technologies in today’s mattress market:

• There is the age-old innerspring technology—greatly improved over the years and still very popular.  Innerspring construction too has vastly improved with new engineering, new spring types, various foams and other construction enhancements.  Various firmness types are available too, depending on individual comfort desires.

• Then there is man-made foam construction—the “tempurpedic types” of construction.  Again, various firmness levels are available, depending on each consumer’s desire.  These foams are referred to as:  isotonic, visco-elastic, etc. and have various weights and densities available.  Many manufacturers make this technology.

• Latex—or natural (real) rubber is also very popular. It too has been greatly improved over the years with the use of newer manufacturing techniques. Natural latex has many densities, firmnesses, and comfort levels.

• Air (beds) are yet another type of bed. They allow the customer to switch firmnesses with a button.

• There are still water beds, but their popularity has waned dramatically.
The main ingredients in finding a good bed are:

• To obtain the correct firmness each individual’s back is comfortable with.

• To get the proper support so that ideally a person can get approximately 8 hours of uninterrupted quality sleep. 

To recognize the importance of obtaining proper professional guidance; the right sleep counselor is key to the best night’s sleep.
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